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Clipping path service is one of the most common and essential service for any type of Photoshop image editing task. However, Before applying any command on your image you need to select your targeted area by pen tool, known as the clipping path. Adobe Photoshop is the popular software to do perfect clipping path. Our professional Clipping Path experts are capable to create all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tools. After drawing with Photoshop pen tool, the object created in the path remains intact while those arrive outside the path gets erased giving fine edges of your photo. PIXIWORKER is the best clipping path service provider company in Bangladesh, We provide you all type of clipping paths like as simple clipping path, medium clipping path, complex/advance clipping path, clipping path graphics etc. We have a huge demand for our clipping path service in the marketplace.

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Clipping path lets you remove and modify the photo background. Additionally, it also lets you set a transparent background to be used for web pages or to highlight the product photos for e-commerce sites. Manipulating the picture is easier when you clip the subject from the whole image. This gives you the freedom to add a new flair and enhance your images.

Who can benefit from Clipping path?

A clipping path service can make a tremendous difference in conversions and sales in a variety of online. similarly, offline businesses. If you need the subject of an image manipulated, separated, emphasized, de-emphasized or altogether removed from its original backdrop, you need a path to define its silhouette first. From there, a virtually limitless number of graphic design possibilities come forth. In today’s digital economy, images are key. When it comes to e-commerce, advertising, marketing, brick-and-mortar commerce, social media, and publishing industries, they can make the difference between a desirable product and an undesirable one– and a cheap, poorly made path is a rookie mistake that can ruin your professionalism. However, There are thousands of unique applications for our photo clipping service, many of which we offer in addition. Wherever an image is needed, clipping path services can take it to the next level– serving high-quality versatility for a lifetime of unique designs.

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PIXIWORKER is the best clipping path service provider from 2018. In addition, We are offering hassle-free, cost-efficient and world-class. Above all, We believe in quality and customer satisfaction. Hence, you take a free trial to judge quality.

  • 100 % Hand Made Clipping Paths.
  • High-Quality Clipping path service
  • 100% Pixel Perfect Guaranteed.
  • 3 Steps Quality Check
  • Check Quality and Get a Free Quote Before Submitting Order.
  • Cheap Price Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Friendly Customer Support
  • Rush Delivery Assurance If Needed
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed


Pixiworker provides clipping path service to various industry. among them are:

  • Ecommerce Shops
  • Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Other Online Store Vendors
  • Special-Order Product Catalogues
  • Publishing Houses & Magazines
  • Home Services Companies
  • Print Advertising Agencies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Logo Designers




We have sorted our clipping path service into three category.

  1. Easy Clipping Path
  2. Medium Clipping Path
  3. Complex/Advance Clipping Path

Easy Clipping path

Easy clipping path is usually applied in a straight or rectangular product with no hole or a minimum range of holes. If you wish to get rid of the background of a wine glass image, simply apply a clipping mask around the wine glass image. As a result, you’ll get the whole background removed from the image keeping the item constant.

Medium Clipping Path

Medium clipping path includes multiple holes and multiple curves. it’s typically tougher than compound Clipping path service. If you would like to get rid of the background of a medium image like an jewelry with multiple holes, you would like to use several anchor points. produce a clipping mask adding the anchor points around the jewelry. Then you’ve got to make a path on the holes. For multiple holes, produce multiple methods on the holes. That’s however, you’ll get the complete background removed.

Complex/Advance Clipping Path

Complex clipping path is sometimes applied to a big product with double holes. it’s utilized in totally different kind of sophisticated styles like fence, zigzag, cross styles etc. it’s applied in numerous products.

Pricing Table

Service Quantity Price
Easy clipping path 10-100 $0.25/image
Easy clipping path 101-∞ 10% Discount
Medium Clipping Path 10-100 $0.40-$1.5/image
Medium Clipping Path 101-∞ 10% Discount
Complex Clipping path 10-100 $1.7-$5.5/image
Complex Clipping path 101-∞ 10% Discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any uploading limit?

No, However, you can send 2 GB photos in each time and you can send how many times you want and you need to. Above all, we use WeShare and Google+Dropbox for Clipping path serviceso there should be no limit.

How to make payment?

You have to ask for a quote for your photo. after that, we examine the photo we will send an Estimate from our automated CRM. And after you accept the estimate we’ll be sending you the proposal and when the work is done we will deliver the photos in our secure CRM and send you invoice for payment. Notice, we do not charge a penny before! after we delivered your photo we will ask you for payment. However, We work with PayPay. Similarly, Make the payment using the credit card or via direct PayPal account.

Do you offer layered PSD?

Sure, we offer this kind of service. However, The extra service will be applied then. Please mention it while submitting your order. Therefore, The price of the order will be added.

If i would like to have several variation of service, how can i do that?

Please mention it on the Get Quote form.

Can you guarantee the safety of my images?

Yes, we can. All of the rights of ours is reserved by us. Therefore, The photos won’t be shown up anywhere

Is there any speedy/rush delivery option?

Yeah, we offer it. in conclusion, fast delivery for Clipping path service and it gives a possibility to get your edited results quicker. For instance, We present two possible terms of delivery within 36 hours with the additional 10% and for the delivery within 24 hours we will charge additional 25% of the total order cost.

Is there some revisions, should i pay extra?

However, If we can’t provide what you asked for from the very beginning. Therefore, we’ll be glad to make the corrections without any additional charge.

Do you offer a discount system?

Yeah! We provide 10% discount for photo editing services to our returning customer and also up to 15%-35% Discount who spent at least 1000 USD buying our service.

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