Photo Retouchingretouch face in photoshop

Portrait retouch is fun and easy if you know how to do this.

portrait retouch in photoshop

In this tutorial, we will be going through some process of repairing some image noise from a low-quality shot, and I will show you an extremely quick and easy way to Portrait Retouch in Adobe Photoshop & smooth out a person’s face in Photoshop.

The woman in this shot is not a model, and she has a lot of character so we don’t want to overdo it with the smoothing. We will make it look real and natural.

The Image

You can get the image we’re using in this tutorial from Free Range Stock here. The technique can be applied to a beauty shot as well, you would just have to adjust the settings on some of the steps to get a more extreme smoothing effect.

This Tutorial will cover these thing on the list for Portrait Retouch in Adobe Photoshop

  1. Layer Adjustment for the portrait image
  2. Curves Adjustment of the portrait
  3. Spot Healing for the face
  4. Face Selection for Retouching the portrait
  5. Blur & Mask The image
  6. High pass in the Portrait for Retouching
  7. Finalized Output of Retouched portrait.

Layer Adjustment for portrait retouch in photoshop

To Retouch Portrait in Adobe Photoshop you have to adjust the layer settings of your subject photo. If you check out the blue channel, you’ll notice that it does not look therefore smart. There square measure tons of JPG artifacts that you just do not very see once viewing the RGB composite, however, it’s smart to mend it for a range of reasons. significantly, it’ll cut back the color noise within the image and provides us additional flexibility once creating color correction later down the road for Portrait retouching.

face retouch photoshop
Layer Style panel in Adobe Photoshop

To Retouch portrait in Photoshop Duplicate the Background layer. On the new layer head to 

Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
Enter ten for the radius > Hit OK.

Set the layer’s mixing mode to paint.
Double-click on the layer to the correct of the name to open the mixing choices. underneath Advanced mixing, un-check the R and therefore the G.
This makes the layer solely have an effect on the blue channel in spite of what we have a tendency to do thereto. currently return and inspect the blue channel. appearance higher.

Curves adjustment for Portrait Retouching in Adobe Photoshop

Now I will use Curves to balance the color in the image. I suggest using Curves over Levels for everything. Curves just gives you much more control.
Download my curve preset to your hard drive.

How to use curves adjustments in adobe Photoshop?

Having problem using curves adjustment? This video will describe how to use curves adjustment.

photoshop curves adjustment
Curves adjustment dialog in Adobe Photoshop

Create a new Curves Adjustment layer at the top of the layers palette in order to Retouching portrait, then click the little button to the right of the Preset control, and select Load Preset and load the file.

Using Spot Healing Tool in portrait image

The technique that we are going to use to retouch & smooth out the face doesn’t require very much cloning at all. I do want to use the Healing Brush Tool (J) on any major freckles or blemishes, in this case her four large freckles.

spot healing in photoshop

Create a brand new blank layer simply higher than the background copy. choose the Healing Brush (J) and make certain that “Sample All Layers” is checked on the property bar. Paint over those spots to get rid of them. A good rule of thumb is to ne’er modify your supply image in any manner. that’s why we have a tendency to used the healing surface a brand new layer. to retouch portrait photo in Photoshop You ne’er recognize once you would possibly got to return to wherever you started.

Face Selection from Portrait image for retouching in Photoshop.

In order to Retouch portrait in Adobe Photoshop, Select the 3 layers below the Curve layer. Drag them right down to the New Layer button to duplicate them. Hit Command+E to merge the 3 duplicates. Select the plane figure Lasso Tool and click on round her face till all the skin is chosen.

face retouch in photoshop

It doesn’t ought to be too neat. currently return, and whereas holding angular position, click around and deselect something that’s not skin just like the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and nostrils to retouch face.

return over again and deselect any areas of detail that require to stay, just like the fringe of the nose, her dimples, her collar bones, and also the fringe of her chin. this is often what my choice sounds like as a fast mask:

Hit Shift+Command+I in your Photoshop to invert the selection and then Delete to delete those pixels. You won’t actually notice a change because the layers below are the same as the layer we are working on. PHOTO RETOUCHING SERVICES

Blur and Making the Portrait Photo

Go Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Enter 20 for the Radius. Set the layer Opacity to 75%. Select and duplicate the same bottom three layers just like we did before. Hit Command+E to merge them.
Put that layer just above the blurred layer.
With the new layer selected, hit Command+Alt+G. This creates a clipping mask, which is indicated by the arrow pointing down on the layer. This means that the layer on top will use the bottom layer’s transparency as a mask.

High pass in portrait photo for retouching

With your new layer still selected, go to Filter > Other > High Pass. Enter 4 for the Radius.

high pass photo retouching

Now you can really see how that image masking service (clipping mask) is working, but not for long. Set the blending mode of the layer to Linear Light and set the Opacity to 40%. Done!

Final Output of the Retouched Portrait.

Here is your portrait retouched in photoshop. This will pretty much work on any portrait in Photoshop, but the goal isn’t to make the person look like a model, it’s just meant to smooth things out a bit yet still look natural. That is why it works well on everyday average people.

Here is the Final Output.

Portrait retouch in photoshop
Final output of retouched portrait photo

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